Why Testosterone Level is Important for Your Sex Drive

Testosterone level

We all know that Testosterone is the key male hormone that regulates or controls a man’s sex drive. Men with a lower level of the hormone find it hard to get interested in sex or sexual activities and vice-versa. A testosterone supplement is the best solution for this. So, is that mean there is a direct connection between your sex drive and testosterone level? Yes, there is and we are going to reveal the facts behind it here in this blog.

But, before we talk about the relation, let’s know what Testosterone does to a male body.

Men’s body starts producing this primary sex hormone at the age of puberty i.e. between 10 to 14 years. It helps in the development of masculinity in men such as beard, body hair, deepening of voice, broad shoulders, wider chest, and so on. It also

But along with all that, the T hormone primarily plays the role in:

  • Production of sperm
  • Erectile function
  • Sex drive

So, lower libido in most men can be seen as a primary symptom of reduced testosterone hormone levels. However, what causes that is still not established. Here are certain research assumptions that can help you understand the relation.

How Does Testosterone Level Influences Sex Drive?

Not necessarily, lower T-hormone is the only reason for a man’s lower sex drive. However, it is a very common reason found for reduced sex performance.

Testosterone supplement

Erectile dysfunction and inability to have satisfactory sex are mainly the symptoms of lower testosterone levels. That establishes why lower T-hormone causes a reduction in a man’s sex drive.

While the T-hormone level naturally decreases with age, it can cause a lack of sex drive in older men i.e. in 40 years or above. So, age is a major factor for reduced T-level and hence, sex drive. The peak age that is when the T-hormone is at maximum level is early adulthood. During that time, men generally have higher urges to involve in sex or sexual activities.

When Testosterone Level Rises too High

Men can experience increased libido and stronger erections which enable them to have satisfactory sex.  The drop in the hormone level with age results in reverse experience. This generally happens around age 30 years, when the hormone level starts to fall approximately by 1% every year.

The pituitary gland sends signals to the testes, which tell them to produce the testosterone hormone. As a man ages, these signals are reduced and as a result, a lesser hormone is stimulated by the testes.

Simultaneous to that, a sex hormone-binding protein called globulin is produced more in men when they age. All together these reduce the active form of T-hormone, which keeps up a man’s urges for sex.

Lower T-hormone causes a decrease in sex drive due to other reasons too. They are:

  • Mood inconsistencies
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Loss of bone strength
  • Increase in body weight
  • Fatigue

No doubt, these result in a lack of energy and stamina in men, which reduces their urge for sex.

However, when the T-hormone falls drastically or abruptly, it causes a significant reduction in man’s libido. It is when testosterone hormone therapy is essential.

Increasing Testosterone Level and Sex Performance

If a lower T-level is the cause behind your unsatisfactory sex performance lately, it is necessary to get it.

Increasing your T-hormone production is the only remedy to shoot up your sex urges, let you perform at your peak, and keep your partner satisfied.

From organic testosterone boosting supplements to intense exercises, testosterone replacement therapy to altering lifestyle habits, there are many ways to boost your T-hormone level.

It is natural to think of any remedies that help to gradually improve your sex hormone functions, make you feel younger, and add zeal to your sex life again.

Can Supplements Be Effective Enough in Boosting Your Testosterone?

The first good remedy to treat your testosterone deficiency is a supplement that comprises wholly natural ingredients which are proven to replenish or restore the hormone.

So, if you are anxious about whether a natural testosterone supplement will be effective enough for you? The answer depends. Yes, it can be if you take up the right amount/dose of the supplement regularly after consulting a health expert. 

The dose depends on several factors like:

  • Age
  • Deficiency level
  • Symptoms seen
  • Bodyweight
  • Other health problems

Most of the natural supplements that have worked so far in boosting the T-level in men are the ones consisting of some or either of these ingredients.

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Ashwagandha
  • Diindolylmethane
  • Long jack root
  • Oat straw
  • Nettle leaf
  • Fenugreek

Final Word

Testosterone and sex drive are strongly related to each other!  There is no doubt that and age is the number one factor. Besides, there are other factors like mental health, physical fitness, etc.

If you are in trouble with a lower sex drive which is hampering your sex life and relationship with your partner, seeing an expert is helpful. They can immediately find out whether lower testosterone is the root of the problem or there are some other health issues behind it.

If deficiency of the T-hormone is the cause, there is nothing to worry about as it is quite common and there are several effective remedies.

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