What Causes Low Testosterone & Why to Have a Natural Testosterone Supplement

Natural Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone is a principal hormone that drives masculinity and regulates the sex functions in men. While a healthy level of the hormone is required in every man for living a normal life and enjoying an active sex life, many men lack an adequate level of it. Lowering testosterone levels is quite a common yet serious health concern for men. The causes behind the dropping of the hormone are many, including the age factor. A natural testosterone supplement accompanied by dietary and habits changes is then the only way out to revive the hormone level.

It is easy to diagnose the level of testosterone hormone in your body. Consultation with a doctor followed by a blood test will reveal the testosterone amount in your body.  Since the hormone level fluctuates through the day, it is recommended to get tested during the morning when the level is maximum.

But, how to know that your body lacks the T hormone? Of course, there are definite signs or symptoms indicating that. When any of these symptoms are persistent for a long time, it is better to get tested.

  • Decrease in urge for sex
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Moodiness and depression
  • Lack of muscle strength
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of bodyweight
  • Loss of hair, including body hair
  • Infertility
  • Osteoporosis or loss of bone mass

While these are the few signs of lower T hormone, what are the reasons behind dropping the hormone level in your body?

Some of the main causes explained by experts are:

  • Obesity or excess loss of weight
  • Diabetes, especially type 2
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Dysfunctional pituitary glands
  • Excessive medications
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Chronic illness
  • Excessive stress
  • Trauma or injury
  • Inflammatory conditions, and many more

So, there are multiple reasons for your T hormone to drop below the healthy range. While you have minimal or no control over these reasons, it is recommended to have hormone therapy. An all-natural Testosterone boosting supplement comes as the first option of therapy. Let’s find out how such a supplement works to help restore the hormone level in men!

How Natural Testosterone Supplement Functions to Boost the Hormone Level

Any natural supplement works as a testosterone booster which means they give a gentle lift to the existing level of the hormone in the body. So, when you consume it consistently along with living a healthy lifestyle, you can see the hormone restoring back to its normal level. The blend of herbal ingredients along with vital minerals and vitamins are major contributing factors of the supplement and help them to act as testosterone boosters. Here are the key ingredients.


This is one of the key medicinal herbs also known as ‘adaptogen’ which helps the body to get rid of any kind of stress. It has the most important property to influence testosterone levels, both directly as well as passively. Directly, it acts on the T hormone and increases its levels. Indirectly, it affects or deteriorates the cortisol level, which is a stress hormone. Stress is one of the key causes of lower T hormone as the higher cortisol levels reduce the levels of the hormone. Therefore, by controlling the stress hormone, ashwagandha helps in enhancing the T hormone level.


Mucuna is an herbal ingredient that has a higher amount of L-DOPA, which is responsible for releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a key player in men’s sex experience as it causes increased libido.  L-DOPA also acts as a testosterone booster by regulating with the prolactin. When prolactin levels are higher, it decreases the T hormone. Thereby, by interacting with prolactin, dopamine helps in maintaining or raising the T hormone.

Therefore, a natural supplement that contains Mucuna is really effective at elevating testosterone as it causes an increase in the release of dopamine in the brain.

Testosterone Supplement


One of the technically proven testosterone boosters is Fenugreek. It prevents the conversion of T hormone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and therefore maintains the T level at a normal range. With time, you can experience a gradual increase in the T hormone and that will really help in improving your libido and erections.


This essential mineral is observed to have a role in increasing the T levels. However, it does not mean that men with a normal level of zinc can get excess of the mineral to boost their T hormone. It is for the men having a deficiency of the mineral as well as lower T hormone. They can try a supplement containing zinc to correct the nutritional gap in their body and then naturally raise their T hormone.


Final Word on Natural Testosterone Supplement

Whether your Testosterone hormone level drops naturally with age or decreases at an early age due to certain health complications, there is always an effective way out. A 100% natural testosterone supplement works as an active booster and pumps up your hormone level so that you can once again enjoy life.  Also, a natural supplement will not only just uplift your T hormone level but will also support the body functions which the T hormone contributes to such as building stronger muscles, increased stamina, faster muscle recovery, and improved blood circulation.

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