These Daily Practices May Cause Your Estrogen Hormone Level to Fall

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While Estrogen is the key hormone produced in the ovaries of females, having a balanced level of the estrogen hormone is necessary for the well-functioning of the body.

Apart from controlling the reproductive system in women, Estrogen helps in regulating essential health aspects such as:

  • Metabolism
  • Bodyweight
  • Blood circulation and heart health
  • Bone development and muscle mass
  • Hair and skin health
  • Mood or psychological health

There is no denying the fact that this dominant female hormone is the key to a healthy life for women, it can cause numerous health issues when is present at lower levels.

  • The lower level of Estrogen hormones can result in myriad problems or symptoms.
  • Irregularity in menstruation cycles
  • Difficulty in ovulation and infertility
  • Weak bones with risks of developing osteoporosis and frequent fractures
  • Painful intercourse
  • Depression, mood swings, or anxieties
  • Infections in the urinary tract

The effects of a lower level of this essential hormone are quite worrisome. Hence, if you are facing any of these issues, check with a doctor whether your hormone level is lower. The process of diagnosing is quite simple. A blood test is enough to check that. So, do not forget to get it done immediately if you are having any of the symptoms and get immediate remedies.

However, before going into the remedies, let’s understand the key causes that can cause your hormone level to drop. They are mainly routine habits by women which affect their hormone balance. Most times, hormonal imbalances are aggravated when a woman ages and also fails to have proper lifestyle habits.

5 Routine Habits of Women that Can Reduce Their Estrogen Level

Inappropriate Food Habits

The food we intake daily brings changes in our body by acting as fuel and regulates body functions. A healthy diet has a positive impact whereas unhealthy consumption of various foods is linked with health problems such as hormonal imbalance.

Poor gut health can be a cause of reduced estrogen levels. Thus, it is advisable to maintain a balanced diet consisting of enough micronutrients and at the same time, you need to restrict the intake of inflammatory food items.

Moreover, consumption of fermented foods like yogurt and high-fiber food like legumes, whole grains, and fruits are necessary to regulate the estrogen hormone level


More caffeine concentration in your body is harmful as it affects the stress hormones and disrupts your sleep pattern, creates digestive issues, and changes your appetite. Caffeine acts as an energy stimulant but excess of it can influence your brain and nervous system.

All of these automatically have a direct and negative effect on your estrogen secretion in your body.

Limiting caffeine consumption is the best step to maintain the hormone level in your body.

Alcohol consumption

Another major reason for the imbalance in the estrogen level is frequent liqueur drinking. Alcohol contains unhealthy substances that might cause fluctuations in the estrogen level which increases the chances of insulin resistance, liver problems, malnutrition, pancreatic disorders, etc.


Excessive smoking is not only linked with cancer but it also affects your body beyond the lungs. Smoking causes imbalances in the secretion of reproductive hormones of both males and females i.e. testosterone and estrogen.

Lower estrogen level might cause decreased fertility in females.


A stressed mind is the root cause of fluctuations in the estrogen hormone level. Excessive creation of stress hormones causes anxiety, lowers body immunity, causes weight gain, reduces focus on work, and leads to depression.

Thus, hormonal imbalance due to stress is another big reason for lower estrogen levels.

Inadequate Sleep

Irregular sleep patterns have an equally negative impact on the female hormone level. The right amount of sleep and that too in an uninterrupted manner is imperative to let the body function properly.

Less sleep triggers the stress reactions causes exhaustion and thus becomes a reason for your lower estrogen level.

Conclusion: What’s The Therapy for Estrogen Balance?

There is nothing to fear if you have a lower Estrogen level because thankfully there are many effective remedies, including natural wellness supplements. In fact, a healthy lifestyle along with supplementary pills can restore your healthy hormonal balance and eliminate all health issues associated with it.

To sum up, natural treatment of low Estrogen includes:

  • Reduction of physical stress or exercising
  • Maintaining a proper body weight
  • Nutritional foods intake along with healthy dietary supplements

While the outcome of the treatment may vary with women depending on their hormonal deficiency levels, severity, symptoms, or causes, natural treatment is proven to be quite effective.

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