Testosterone Therapy & Whether You Should Go for It?

If you are one of those thousands of men suffering from lower Testosterone level, consider having therapy to gain back your normal hormone level. However, not all therapies are good or appropriate!

This blog tells what Testosterone therapy is and whether one should opt for it if diagnosed with a lower T-level.

As men age, the key sex hormone i.e.  Testosterone which was at the peak level in adulthood starts deteriorating. This hormone is no doubt the primary hormone in males that helps in:

  • Growth of muscle mass and bone mass
  • Controlling fat storage
  • Sexual performance and physical appearance
  • Blood circulation

In most cases, as men age above 30 years, their T-level starts to fall. A gradual drop in the level is normal but a drastic fall in the level is not at all desirable.

Rapid fall in the hormone level can result in:

  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Rise in body fat
  • Loss of hair growth
  • Difficulty in erection and sexual intercourse
  • Sleep disorder
  • Depression

All these unexpected health issues will disturb your daily lifestyle and can even give rise to some psychological issues.

Testosterone therapy seems to be an ultimately promising way that helps men to get rid of these health problems. However, when stuck at the wrong therapy, it can reverse the effects.

It is still unclear whether the therapy is useful for older men and gives back their vitality. Let’s find out in this blog. 

What is Testosterone Therapy and Does it Help to Improve Testosterone Level?

Millions of men get prescribed pills (synthetic ones), injections and gels as a testosterone therapy to regain back their T-level. Most of them are advertised products and promise results in as quickly as possible.  

However, for every over-the-counter pill or injection prescribed, there are many safety concerns.  For instance, many older men can face risks of heart problem or heart attacks due to consistent testosterone therapy at their mid-age. The harmful side effects may emerge later and slowly.

Testosterone Level

Risks in Testosterone Therapy

While there are limited or a few immediate side-effects compared to long-term effects of hormone therapy in men, you should watch them out while undergoing the therapy and must talk to a doctor.

Some of the immediate effects commonly seen are:

  • Acnes
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Ankle swellings
  • Disturbed sleeping

Men can face severe health effects in the long term including cardiac risks. Many physicians have also shown a serious concern that the therapy could grow prostate cancer cells.

So, considering the risks in mind, many physicians discourage testosterone therapy, especially when men have the hormone at the borderline levels. The doctors always recommend only men with T-level considerably below the normal level to go for the therapy.

However, only natural therapies for hormone boosting are effective and advisable by doctors. From natural hormonal supplements to daily lifestyle changes, there are many ways to boost your T-level without fearing any side effects.

Natural Testosterone Therapy

There are many lifestyle habits or changes that can help to boost your T-level.

Maintaining a healthy body weight

If you are overweight and having a lower T level, losing that extra weight can help you restore your hormone level. Likewise, men who are considerably underweight can gain back a healthy hormone level by gaining some weight.

While bodyweight management is the key to appropriate hormone levels, a balanced diet with a healthy combination of fats, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutritious substances is necessary for men. Eating healthy and wholesome can keep your Testosterone hormone as well as other hormones at a normal level and promote optimal health.

Stress Reduction Therapy

Long-term stress is a major cause of declining testosterone levels in men apart from other health issues. Stress is a major stimulator of cortisol hormone, which manages or controls different processes including metabolism and immunity.

Cortisol even manages the testosterone level and its elevated level causes a drop in testosterone.  So, stress reduction is essential to make sure that your Cortisol is at an appropriate level and so is your sex hormone. Try meditations and other therapies like music and counseling to reduce your stresses.

Activities or Exercising

Staying fit or active also ensures that your body produces an appropriate level of T-hormone. Researches have proved that physical exercises regularly aids in weight loss which simultaneously helps in improving the T-level

However, the doctors never advised doing excessively as the effects can be reversed if you lack energy levels and adequate nutrition.

Organic Supplements

Lastly, do not forget about 100% natural or organic testosterone boosting supplements. They are made from ingredients like oat straw extracts, Ashwagandha, black pepper, long jack root, horny goat weed, Mucuna seeds, etc

All these are natural stimulators and also boost other health aspects like muscle mass, bone strength, stamina, metabolism, and mood

Key Takeaway!

The risk factors of synthetic Testosterone boosting pills can never be ignored because of problems that they can cause in long run including cardiac problems, prostate cancers. It is clear that testosterone therapy is not always desirable but is only needed when the hormone level drops much below and is affecting your daily life including sexual performance.

There is more evidence showing that testosterone therapy actually worked when the Testosterone hormone increases naturally. It means the use of organic testosterone booster supplements, physical exercising, a balanced diet, and healthy routines. 

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