Testosterone Supplement Functions, Imbalance and Natural Hormone Booster

Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone is the key sex hormone in males. Its function is not limited to only regulating men’s fertility. Testosterone supplement also contributes to muscle mass development, red blood cell production, and fat distribution throughout the body.

Testosterone deficiency refers to a situation when the hormone level drops below what is considered “NORMAL”. Now, its’ deficiency is very common and normal in elderly men but not so in young males.  

In recent years, the cases of testosterone deficiency have been increasing at a warning pace. In this blog, we will also explore about different functions of testosterone, the impact of its imbalance, and the effectiveness of supplements for testosterone deficiency.

Some Important Facts about Testosterone

  • Testosterone controls a number of processes in men.
  • Testosterone level tends to drop with aging.
  • It also secretes in women, though at significantly lower levels.
  • Prohormone supplements produce no effect on testosterone secretion.
  • Testosterone supplements are recommended only for specific conditions and not meant to offset the natural, age-related decline in testosterone level.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy is also available but comes with risks and side effects.

Functions of Testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics in men. True to the features of hormones, testosterone causes necessary changes in men’s bodies. So, The hormone is primarily produced in Leydig Cells of testicles.

It plays a role in sperm production and regulates several other physiological procedures in males:

  • Bone Mass
  • Fat Distribution
  • Muscle Mass and Strength
  • RBC Production
  • Libido in Men

Men with testosterone deficiency suffer from infertility. This is because the hormone contributes to mature sperm development. However, an interesting point to note here is despite being a male hormone, testosterone contributes to bone density, muscle strength, and sex drive in both men and women.  

Both the brain and pituitary gland regulate testosterone secretion. The hormone travels via blood following its secretion in testicles and performs various crucial functions.

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone Imbalance

Testosterone imbalance refers to inadequate secretion or overproduction of the hormone. So, both cause dysfunction but produce different symptoms.

Effects of Hypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)

  • Reduced Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Swollen or Enlarged Breast Tissue

Over time, other symptoms also show up:

  • Increased Body Fat & Obesity
  • Loss of body hair
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Osteoporosis
  • Testicular Shrinkage
  • Loss of energy
  • Mood Swings

Causes of Testosterone Deficiency:

  • Castration or Other Kinds of Testicular Injury
  • Infection of the Testicles
  • Disorders Such As, High Prolactin Levels, Pituitary Tumors that Affect Hormonal Balance
  • Chronic Diseases such as Obesity, Liver Problems, Kidney Diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, HIV/AIDS
  • Genetic Diseases

Effects of Testosterone Overproduction:

  • Early Puberty
  • Changes in Body Shape
  • Reduced Breast Size
  • Male Pattern Baldness, Menstrual Irregularities, Facial Hair Growth and a Deep Voice in Women

According to a recent study, testosterone overproduction is also linked to uterine fibroids in women.

Diagnosis of Testosterone Imbalances

A simple blood test can easily detect if you have a normal testosterone level or testosterone imbalance.

Testosterone Supplements

There are two most popular treatments for testosterone deficiency – Testosterone Supplements and Testosterone Therapy.

Testosterone Supplements are more popular than Testosterone Therapy and rightly so because the latter carries some kinds of risks and side effects. So, Testosterone supplements, especially organic ones, are safe for use and have no adverse side effects.

Some supplements, however, cause liver toxicity and therefore, should be avoided. As a result, it is important for you to consult your physician before using a testosterone supplement.

Alpha Fuel XT & Alpha Cut HD Combo Pack for Testosterone Deficiency

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  • Confidence Booster: The natural T-booster also increases your stamina and confidence, thereby bringing back the passion and charm in your relationship.
  • Organic Supplement: The secret of amazing strength that it packs in lies in its natural ingredients and advanced, organic formula perfectly concentrated in capsules that are easy to swallow. Now, it addresses the root causes of testosterone deficiency and restores the hormonal imbalance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturer has promised Money Back Guarantee if the product fails to provide 100% benefits. It shows also the company’s confidence in its product.

Final Words

Obesity is definitely not bliss but a bane for your health. Testosterone deficiency is one of the root causes of extra body fats and obesity. The problem can be corrected with help of an organic testosterone supplement that works at the root level but leaves no side effects.

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