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Estrogen Pills – The Right Kind of Estrogen Therapy for Menopausal Women

Estrogen Pills

Menopause, just like Menstrual Cycle, is a natural phenomenon. Estrogen is a female hormone produced in ovaries. Ovaries start producing the hormone during puberty and stop production when you attain a certain age. Estrogen Pills help you to out from menopausal problems. Menopause refers to the natural cessation of estrogen secretion in women. The average […]

Here’s How Right Estrogen Levels Benefit Health & Skin

Estrogen Levels

There are certain changes that hormonal imbalances trigger in our bodies. Lifestyle improvements, proper diet, and hormone therapy help to control those changes. Right estrogen levels benefit the skin and health. In females, Estrogen is the key hormone that controls their reproductive function and it is required at an appropriate level to help them menstruate, […]