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Estrogen Supplement Pills for Menopause Relief and Hormonal Balance

Estrogen Supplement

Estrogen is the key sex hormone in women. The hormone is primarily produced in women’s ovaries. Secretion of estrogen is triggered by Luteinizing hormone located in the Pituitary Gland. Estrogen supplement pills are best remedies for the problems. Around the age of 45-50, ovaries stop estrogen production. The adrenal glands, seated on top of each […]

Estrogen Level & Depression: Here is How to Manage It

Estrogen Level

A lot of women don’t realize this but it is true that their Estrogen level is responsible for mood swings, stress, or even depression. As a primary sex hormone, Estrogen plays a critical role in the development of reproductive organs and making them sexually active. However, estrogen is actually a group of hormones and plays […]