Risks of Lower Testosterone and How a Natural Supplement Helps

Testosterone supplement

Testosterone hormone is necessary for the normal development of the reproductive organs in men during puberty. In the later years, when a boy becomes a man, this testosterone helps him to lead a sexually active life. So, if for any reason a man is experiencing a low level of this Testosterone or T hormone, then he needs to have a proven testosterone supplement or undergo treatment.

Low T level has multiple consequences and the main among them is it will impact your sex life badly. Usually, as men grow older they can experience a sincere drop in the level of this primary sex hormone. It is natural during the aging period. However, if a young man, in his 30s or 40s, is diagnosed with the low secretion of this hormone, then it is not a good sign. This will tremendously affect the quality and quantity of sperm production; cause a decrease in libido and poor erectile function.

So, the next section is for the discussion of all the risks that are about a lower level of T hormone in males.

Potential Risks of Lower Testosterone that a Supplement Can Help To Prevent


Sperm production is highly dependent on the level of testosterone. When the body stops producing enough levels of intratesticular testosterone, then the production of sperm is suppressed and this results in infertility. The semen volume and the quality of sperm fall drastically during ejaculation.

Moreover, poor sex life and low stamina are the two miserable side effects of the low T level which impacts vastly a man’s relationship with his partner.

Loss of Hair

Other than driving a man’s sex life, testosterone performs other important functions out of which hair growth is one. Balding is another bad outcome of a low T level. Some men even experience loss of facial and body hair, as well.

Weight increase and obesity

Testosterone imbalance is responsible for excess fat accumulation and an increase in body weight. It has been observed that men with a low level of T hormone have higher chances of suffering from obesity in their later years compared to those with a normal level of T hormone.


The problem of low T hormone is the cause of depression in men and triggers mood changes. It causes a lack of concentration at work, irritability and is a reason for stress. The relation with a partner also gets abnormal which is another cause for anxiety and mental instability.

Low muscle mass

Another crucial role that the T hormone plays in building muscle mass and hence lesser secretion of it causes a reduction in muscle mass. This weakens the body’s physical strength and functionality, thus impacting one’s quality of life.

Testosterone Supplements from Niwai

How a Natural Testosterone Supplement Helps to Address Health Risks

Generally, over-the-counter synthetic supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels in the body are not effective. Whether they are safe for the health is a big question too! Testosterone replacement therapy is imperative for men suffering from lower T hormone as it proves to boost the level of the hormone.

Testosterone is one of the regulated substances in their body. So, such therapies can be applicable only after a doctor approves. However, over-the-counter products do not comprise of the T hormone and so you never know what ingredients they actually have which claim to increase your testosterone level.

The safest way proven to enhance the testosterone level in the body is an authentic natural dietary supplement. When it is consumed with a recommended diet along with enforcement of some positive lifestyle changes, it works truly. A natural supplement contains completely organic or herbal ingredients which help the body to enhance the hormone level naturally. Some of the premium natural supplements that work best as testosterone boosters contain ingredients like oat straw, black pepper, mucuna, goat weed, black pepper, and ashwagandha. 

So, if you are trying to increase the level of your T hormone, get a 100% natural supplement that is produced by using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at an FDA-approved facility. It is essential for you to ensure this for safety. Moreover, you also should get the supplement after checking from a doctor before trying.


Key Takeaway!

The risks of the lower level of testosterone in the body are alarming. From reducing the sex drive to affecting fertility, it can cause numerous problems to a man’s life. It is therefore essential to get a proven natural testosterone supplement that is a safe therapy and gradually helps in raising the hormone level.

However, do not forget to bring some positive lifestyle changes to your life to ensure that the supplement works well. Some of them are regular exercising, stress reduction with meditation, getting sound sleep, eating a healthy, and wholesome diet, and abandoning alcohol and other bad addictions.


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