Niwali’s Raiz de Tejocote Supplement is Made in an FDA-Registered Facility: What Does it Mean


Are you willing to consume a natural weight loss supplement but are confused about its authenticity and safety factor? Well, Niwali’s Raiz de Tejocote supplement takes away all the confusion because it is not only 100% organic but is also produced in an FDA-registered facility. Now, why does that mean that the supplement is totally safe for consumption? This blog will tell you.

There are many reasons you should only opt for weight loss or dietary supplements that are from a regulated facility. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the U.S. takes the lead in this matter. They regulate food products, drugs as well as dietary supplements. However, there are specific regulations are for supplements than those of foods or drugs. They do not directly regulate the products but closely supervise their manufacturing facilities for safety and quality. Here we have explained how an FDA-registered manufacturing unit complies with essential regulations. It ultimately assures the safety of the supplements.

Why Raiz de Tejocote Supplement Produced in FDA-Registered Facility is Safe


  1. FDA works

    to ensure that the manufacturing facility or a distributor of supplements meets the requirements of DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) and FDA. They also take actions against any manufacturers or distributors who use prohibited adulterated ingredients or misbranded products. They make sure to supervise the supplement products beforehand and take actions if necessary, to prevent any unsafe supplement to reach the market.


  1. FDA appoints

    special investigators who meticulously inspect all the aspects of a supplement manufacturing facility, starting from the processes, inputs to workers’ roles, and post-production activities. They seek to observe whether the facility complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) at every step. In case they discover any violation of the cGMP practices, they issue a warning letter.

In the warning letter, the FDA cites the manufacturing facility for failing to follow the established procedures and responsibilities related to quality control. The facility has to take necessary corrective actions for its alleged violations of cGMP regulations.

It becomes challenging for health experts to reassure the consumers that the vitamins, minerals, or probiotic ingredients are labeled in the pack of a supplement are actually present in it. So, when FDA inspects a facility and declares it to be compliant. It also means their approach is authentic in including all the ingredients.

  1. FDA consistently tries

    to update the list of unlawful or adulterated ingredients in the dietary supplement. In 2019, they released an advisory ingredient list which is included in the regulatory requirement of the dietary supplements. It is therefore the responsibility of every manufacturing facility to be aware of the list. It never includes them in their supplement. This also helps manufacturers sustain themselves in the fast-growing marketplace of dietary supplements.

FDA-Registered Facility

  1. FDA also provides

    proposed rules for labeling and packaging of the supplements to assure that they are preserved/stored in a good way. They also provide requirements regarding the nutrient content claims, health claims, or statements of nutritional support in the labeling of the supplement. The FDA-registered facility needs to follow all the requirements to ensure. It passes the final inspection stages before launching the supplement product in the market.


Apart from these basic ways, an FDA-registered manufacturing facility of the weight loss supplement guarantees the following aspects.

  • Quicker turn-around time and processing time while ensuring quality
  • Assurance of lower prices of the supplement with no hidden costs makes the supplement affordable to all types of customers
  • Maintenance of strict confidentiality of manufacturing processes or formulas

Key Takeaway on Raiz de Tejocote!

FDA registration is almost a mandatory requirement for the manufacturers of dietary supplements. There is a large of such manufacturers in today’s growing market. So, as a conscious buyer, you need to choose a reliable manufacturing facility that has a proven track record for years in the matter of complying with the regulations.

Niwali is one such supplement manufacturing facility that has existed in the market for years. They provide authentic health and dietary supplements including Raiz de Tejocote Root to help people overcome the common challenging issues in life like weight gain. We strictly follow the latest Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines provided by the FDA to manufacture each of our products.  To reassure, we also provide the address of our registered facility on the label of the supplement.  So, if you are someone who needs a pure organic supplement to control your weight gain, our Tejocote root supplement is the best choice ever!

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