Natural Estrogen Supplement Relieves PMS Symptoms: Here’s How

Estrogen Supplement

Nearly 75% of menstruating women in the world suffer from mild to severe PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). Clearly, it is a global health concern for women but there are no such perfect remedies for it. It’s because the physical and psychological symptoms that women go through before the start of menstruation vary a lot. But, they affect the normal life of every woman. While there are many traditional treatments available for PMS including antidepressants or oral pills for contraception, any natural remedy such as estrogen supplement works better from the perspective of a woman’s health.

Experts are not sure about the key triggers of the different PMS symptoms. But there is one that is common for all types of symptoms. It is the fluctuations in the level of the principal female hormone, i.e., estrogen that play a major influential role in the menstruation pattern. More specifically, it is the variation in levels of estrogen and progesterone, which is another important female hormone that primarily causes the symptoms of PMS to arise.

PMS symptoms interfere with the daily life of women and affect their quality of living. It is essential for them to get an effective solution. A natural herbal supplement promises to prevent most of the symptoms by balancing the level of estrogen in women. They are lots of essential nutrients and vitamins. It helps to ease the symptoms by keeping the hormone level at normal.

Here this blog provides a brief explanation of how a supplement works to reduce or prevent PMS symptoms. Take a look.

How Natural Estrogen Supplement Works to Reduce the PMS Symptoms

The role of a supplement in curing a certain health condition is mainly for its all-natural ingredients.  Here are some key ingredients with which estrogen balancing supplements are made and are proven to relieve many symptoms in women.

 #1 Chasteberry

Very few know about this but chasteberry is a superior ingredient in many herbal supplements. It plays a significant role in the reproductive functions of females. This is enough reason to impact their premenstrual phase or cause PMS symptoms. The lack of chasteberry is for physical symptoms such as bloating, headaches, or breast pain.

Therefore, having a supplement that contains chasteberry as its ingredient can work effectively to increase your estrogen level and relieve you from certain physical PMS symptoms. However, it also has a role in preventing psychological symptoms like frequent mood swings.

#2 Magnesium

The lower level of magnesium in women is a major cause of PMS symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, water retention, or swelling of breasts. Experts mainly recommend foods for women that are with a high amount of magnesium such as green vegetables, almonds, or peanuts.

However, a natural estrogen supplement that is composed of minerals including Magnesium and others, works much better in preventing these painful symptoms.

#3 Calcium

One of the primary triggers of PMS symptoms in women is calcium. The level of calcium usually changes in women through their menstrual phase.  It is the reduced levels of calcium that make women get symptoms like restlessness, fatigue, bloating, and depression.

It is proven through a clinical trial that supplements containing sufficient calcium are better at reducing these symptoms. They help to revive your calcium level with the normal range for adults i.e., 1000-1300 mg.

Natural Estrogen Supplement

Needless to say, a calcium-rich supplement also helps in relieving your body from other complications such as osteoporosis, cramping of muscles, weakness of muscles, etc. which are due to deficiency of calcium.

#4 Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in producing chemical messengers i.e., neurotransmitters that regulate the moods of the person. This vitamin is usually with foods such as chickpeas, fish (especially salmon and tuna), potatoes, and other starch-containing vegetables.

When Vitamin B6-containing foods are not properly included in the diet of a woman, its lack aggravates the problem of mood swings and depression in the premenstrual cycle. Thereby, a supplement that supplies this vitamin will help you in stabilizing your mood and help you concentrate on other chores of life.

#5 Black Cohosh

This is the most common ingredient used in the supplements meant for relieving PMS as well as menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nervousness, faster heartbeat (palpitations), vertigo, and sleep deprivation.

Black cohosh helps in preventing the PMS symptoms by balancing the effects of estrogen in the body. It directly does not increase the estrogen but increases/decreases the effects of estrogen in different parts of the body. Therefore, it relieves the body from various PMS symptoms which are due to reduction or increase in the hormone.

Final Word on Estrogen Supplement

For many women, PMS is a frustrating and recurring episode in their life. It is a monthly ordeal affecting their wellbeing, lifestyle, work, and even relationships with loved ones. Thankfully, there are supplements that can help their body cope up with the imbalance in estrogen hormone. It prevents their emotional as well as painful physical PMS symptoms. Estrowellness by Niwali is one such authentic natural estrogen supplement that promises to restore the healthy level of estrogen and give women absolute relief from their ordeals.

So, if you are having any of these PMS symptoms, you can definitely try it. It’s safe, reliable, readily available, and also affordable!

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