Know How Lower Testosterone Levels Can Affect Men

Testosterone Levels

The primary hormone in men, Testosterone has a lot of roles to play in their daily living.  While it is present in both males and females, it is present in a much higher concentration in males. Testosterone levels help in regulating all crucial body functions.

It is the endocrine system in the body that determines and optimizes all hormone levels. It also transmits signals to testicles i.e. male reproductive organs about when to produce testosterone.

While the function of testosterone levels is well explained here, there many problems associated with T-level fluctuations. A lower level of T-level can significantly affect the lifestyle of men in many ways, mostly in negative ways. From lower sex drive to sleeping problems, there are many symptoms that arise in men due to low T-level and disturb the lifestyle of people.

Key Signs and Problems Faced by Men Due to Lower Testosterone Levels

Many men in the mid-age face these below problems because of the lower Testosterone level. It is always advisable to immediately consult a doctor.

Decreased muscle mass

If a man is suffering from lower level of the T hormone, it is most likely to degrade your muscle mass. This hormone is a major substance for developing and maintaining muscle mass.

It is actually a miracle hormone that makes men masculine and boosts their efforts for bodybuilding (i.e. efforts they put in gym or in physical activities).

Along with muscle mass, there is also a loss in bone mass and density due to lower Testosterone levels.

Unsatisfied Sex Performance

Since Testosterone is the key sex hormone in men, it is obvious that the lower level of the hormone is going to affect their sex drive and sex performance.

Things that primarily help men in maintaining their sexual activities or a healthy relationship with partners directly hampers when T-level is inappropriate. They are:


Sex drive or which is called libido is directly associated with Testosterone. When it is lower, it automatically reduces a man’s sex drive or desires. While libido generally decreases with age, it is a concerning problem if you are facing it your mid-age. Consult a doctor or start taking any effective organic hormonal supplement.

Semen Output

Many men have a normal sex drive but have lower semen output as Testosterone regulates the production of semen. Hence, a reduced amount of this hormone will produce lesser volume semen.


A common sign of low T-level is a difficulty faced by men is the inability to maintain their erection or getting an erection at all. The hormone acts as a big stimulator that signals the receptors in the brain during sexual activity.  It produces a chemical called nitric oxide which causes a necessary chemical reaction in the body causing an erection.

Testicular size

This is a physical symptom and one can also observe his scrotum getting softer than before due to reduction of testicular size.

A rise in Body Fat

Men usually do not consider this but it is a true fact that lower T-level can result in rising in their body fat. However, this is mostly seen for men who do a lot of exercising or hit the gym for intense training to build their muscle mass.

If they are suffering from low T hormone, then those intense physical activities are not actually developing their muscles. But, whatever they eat to build the muscles are getting deposited as fats.

This is quite a complex situation and very hard to predict. So, anyone who is doing hard work at the gym but is not seeing any result should check their T level.

Sleep Deprivation

Many men with reduced T levels suffer from a lack of sleep. While sleep deprivation is common in millions, lower hormone aggravates the problem. 

Even if you are maintaining a routine lifestyle, having adequate nutrition and relaxation before bedtime, getting deep or sound sleep can be a challenge if you have an inadequate T level.

Hair Loss

A very common distress in men due to lower T hormone is hair loss.  While most men get hair loss problems with aging, low T level causes hair loss in young men. So, if you are having hair loss early, consult a doctor for immediate hormone therapy or supplements.

Final Words

Testosterone hormone imbalances are a major health problem in many men.

Most of these issues have remedies or solutions. If men start to notice any of these problems, it is better to see a doctor or get some testosterone boosting supplement before the problems become too severe. Make sure to not try remedies on your own or any medications otherwise recommended by a doctor.

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