Immune Yourself from COVID-19 with Niwali Moringa + Neem Supplement


The world nearly stands still today for one reason- the COVID-19 pandemic! Almost every country in the world is fearful about the spread of the novel Coronavirus, an unusual cold influenza for which no doctors or health researchers have found a cure. Considering the rapid contamination caused by the virus, public places like shops, markets, restaurants were shut down. Industries, offices, schools and colleges were closed.  Public transportation was stopped. In one word, everything was closed to contain its spread.

However, we cannot just cause everything to come to a halt and affect our lives and the economy. While doctors, health organizations and researchers across the world have still not found any prominent cure, medicines, treatment or vaccine for the COVID-19, they all observed that people with stronger body immunity are more able to recover from the novel Coronavirus and that too faster. So, they are saying a high dose of vitamins and natural minerals are paying off well. While some are recommending more of the foods containing vitamin C, some are also saying that consumption of natural health supplements that boost body immunity helps. So, from proper nutrition to supplements, healthy habits (like washing hands, bathing in hot water) to exercising, health experts are suggesting every natural way to make sure that people can fight off the Coronavirus.

Do natural supplements help boosting immunity to fight Coronavirus?

Immunologists claim that natural supplements along with proper regular remedies like hot water consumption, gurgling and drinking tea can well prepare your body’s immune system to battle against the odds of the virus.

While Niwali provides an all-natural health booster called Moringa + Neem Supplement, you can try it to immune yourself against COVID-19. It is produced with Neem powder and Moringa Oleifera, which have all the goodness and properties to strengthen the immunity. Both of the ingredients have natural anti-bacterial properties, which make them supremely effective in fighting infections including cold.

Here is how this natural immunity supplement can make you a warrior and survivor in the pandemic.

Contains Huge Amount of Vitamin C

Moringa, a chief ingredient of the supplement is a great source of vitamin C which increases the immune system. It acts as an anti-oxidant which helps reduce lung inflammation, which is a severe and common symptom of COVID-19.

Powerful Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory agents

There are nearly 47 powerful antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory substances in this supplement which prevent the body from spreading the infection.

Contains Proteins

The supplement is rich in protein, so it gives the endurance or strength to the body to fight the infection and recover at a faster rate.

Having all these inherent properties, it can be said that Niwali Neem and Moringa based Immunity supplement can be your safest resort in this COVID-19 crisis and will help you to live a normal life again.

Key takeaway! With the pandemic gradually getting into our control, we must not forget that there is still no cure, proper medicine or vaccines out for the Coronavirus. With symptoms being seen in a person after a long time of infection (i.e. after 10-12 days) or the person being asymptotic after tested positive, it is nearly hard to tell whether you are affected or not. That is the main reason why the virus is spreading too much because people simply do not know that they have it and are passing it to others. So, the only way to remain safe is to take as many precautions as possible (like use of masks, sanitizers and gloves), maintain social distancing and increase your body immunity with effective natural supplements like Niwali Moringa +Neem supplement.