Avoid these Habits While Having a Testosterone Supplement for Better Results

Testosterone Supplement

There are plenty of factors that drive down men’s urge for sex. Most of them are unintentional habits that are causing men to lose interest in sex by lowering their Testosterone hormone level.  While it is completely natural for you to have lower libido, what’s unnatural is when you experience it for a long period of time.  In that case, you might need an external therapy such as a natural testosterone supplement for increasing your sex drive. However, identifying the habits that are lowering your testosterone level and avoiding them is necessary. Here we have pointed out the habits for you in the next section.

So, one should make sure to avoid these habits for maintaining his testosterone level while having a supplement.

6 Habits to Avoid along with Consuming Testosterone Supplement to Keep up Your Hormone Level

You aren’t sleeping enough

If you go back to those times when your sex drive or libido was at its peak, what do you think first! It was the time when you were relaxed enough and used to have sufficient sleep. Men who are deprived of sleep because of their hectic schedules, work stress, or depression lose interest in sex because their testosterone level falls abnormally.

Ideally, men need 7-8 hours of sleep every night to recuperate their hormone levels. If you aren’t sleeping enough of these hours, the nominal drop in your testosterone level during the day will not be recovered. So, when such sleep deprivation continues, the hormone level is going to fall down beyond the normal range.

You aren’t having sufficient zinc and magnesium

Some of the food items you eat contain a whole lot of minerals that are major testosterone boosters. Two such minerals are magnesium and zinc. There have powerful sex-driving properties and nourish the libido so that you never lose interest in sexual activities. If you are unintentionally having a diet that does not contain foods with zinc and magnesium, then it is a major reason behind your reduced testosterone level.

Do some research or talk to a diet expert to know about the foods that are full of these minerals. Some of the well-known food items that contain zinc or magnesium are whole grains, yogurt, bananas, avocadoes, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, oysters, and dark chocolates.

You are having adequate sugar

We know that men are most conscious about their intake of sugar. For instance, they choose tea or coffee with little or no spoon of sugar. They usually do not binge on chocolates or candy bars! But, you might be having more than enough sugar through other foods and you are not aware of it. Sugar is contained in almost every common food in more or fewer amounts like cakes, cookies, desserts, fruit juices, soft drinks, or energy drinks.

Testosterone level

When the sweet stuff in your body is quite high, it raises insulin levels and that causes the storage of belly fat. An increase in belly fat spikes up the estrogen level by reducing the free testosterone in your body. Therefore, minimize your sweet tooth! You should be conscious about your sugar intake and reduce the consumption of sugar-loaded foods as much as possible.

You do not drink coffee at all

Drinking coffee definitely has its perks. It energizes you, keeps you awake, and enables you to concentrate when you feel exhausted. But, do you know it has positive effects on your sex drive too? Caffeine is likely to prevent men from suffering erectile dysfunction. It is because caffeine relaxes the arteries which improves the flow of blood to the penis. Therefore, it drives the production of testosterone keeping the hormone at the normal level and hence, increases your libido. So, if you are not an avid coffee drinker, make it a habit to drink at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day!

You are skipping fish and having meat

Dark meat fish such as tuna and salmon has amazing properties to improve men fertility by enhancing their hormone level. Researches on a group of men by nutritionists suggested that men who ate more fish compared to meat had a somewhat 30% higher sperm count than men who ate more processed meat.

So, does your diet contain more amount of meat than healthy fish? If yes, then include dark meat fish in one of your meals daily.

You aren’t doing enough physical activities

Inactivity or lack of physical exercise results in a number of health concerns such as an increase in body fat, loss of muscle strength, lack of energy levels, and a decline in testosterone.  Try to talk out 40 -60 minutes of your day every day to exercise well to pump up your energy levels, body strength, and testosterone production.


Final Word on Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone is not just the hormone for masculinity but it drives the sex urge in men, keeps them fertile, and helps them contribute to the birth of a baby. While certain fluctuations in the hormone level are quite usual, it is a great concern when a man experiences difference in his libido or sex drive, has erectile issues or has a lower sperm count. Any of these have a significant effect on fertility and can hamper his relationship with the partner. Therefore, some instant and safe solution such as a natural testosterone supplement is needed. However, it is also essential to find out the reasons that are majorly affecting his testosterone levels and prevent them.

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