5 Remedies to Try with Natural Estrogen Supplement to Increase the Hormone Level

Natural estrogen supplement

The body of most women experiences a gradual decline in the estrogen hormone as they reach menopause.  Estrogen along with progesterone contributes to the development of sex characteristics and reproductive functions in females. They play a key role in their menstrual cycle and ability to give birth. During menopause, both of them reduce as a natural phenomenon. However, in many women, it causes other disturbing symptoms like mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, lack of energy, loss of strength, etc. So, they need external support like a natural estrogen supplement to boost the hormone level and prevent them from experiencing any symptoms.

However, only a supplement is not enough for you if the menopause nuisances are too much. You need other major remedies besides it. In this blog, we are going to provide you with five simple and natural remedies which you must practice along with having a supplement.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Hormone along with a Natural Estrogen Supplement

Adapting to certain changes such as in your lifestyle along with consuming a natural estrogen supplement is really effective. Learn about the changes here.

#1 Make certain dietary changes

When estrogen level drops in the body, including plant-based foods that are phytoestrogen-rich, is your diet helps in gradually improving the hormone level. Some of the easily available foods with higher content of phytoestrogen are soybeans, soymilk, chickpeas, dates, flax seeds, hummus, garlic, apricot, tofu, and organic tea such as red clover. All these are nutritionally balanced and so when consumed regularly helps the body to slowly make up for the deficiency of the hormone.

Besides, you need to stop consuming all those foods which cause hormonal imbalance in the body. It includes mainly foods with processed carbohydrates, sugar, and refined vegetable oil or seeds oil.

#2 Use some essential oils and natural products

Many health experts prescribe women at menopause to use natural products for health and body care. To keep their hormone levels balanced naturally, it is important to keep away any toxins from their body. Most of the conventional personal body care products of women are made of processed harmful chemicals. These are propylene glycol, DEA, sodium lauryl sulfate, or parabens which add toxins to the body.

It is, therefore, necessary for them to replace those harmful products with those made of natural ingredients and essential oils like shea butter, coconut oil, lavender oil, sandalwood, castor oil, or thyme.

#3 Practice some weight-bearing exercises

Exercising is good for your overall health, especially for maintaining balanced body weight. Women with lower estrogen levels need to must consider exercising a regular activity of their day. However, rigorous workouts or cardio are something they should not try because they can further drop the hormone level if you have a low-fat level in the body.

The most effective solution is to do weight-bearing exercises like triceps dips, lifting dumbbells, and doing planks.  All these particular types of exercises make you feel lighter and naturally enhance the level of estrogen hormone in the body. Additionally, you can see your body getting toned, especially the limbs and arms. You feel fit as well as confident!

estrogen supplement

#4 Ensure having more quality sleep

You are not doing justice to your health if you are not sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day. Sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep consistently has lots of health effects including the imbalance in the hormone levels.

So, if you want to keep your estrogen hormone maintaining at a healthy level, get adequate quality sleep every day. Meditations, warm bath, darkroom, and soothing music are some of the effective remedies to get into sleep earlier.

#5 Say bye to smoking

Very few know about this but smoking addiction for a long time has had major impacts on the endocrine system of the body. It controls the release of hormones. Many think that it only affects their lungs and respiratory system. Therefore, if you are a regular smoker, it is time to say goodbye to the habit.  Smoking reduces the ability of the endocrine system to produce estrogen causing further lack of it in the body.

Apart from causing estrogen deficiency, smoking is also researched to cause menstrual dysfunction and infertility along with early menopause. Therefore, you should consider quitting it as soon as possible.

Key Takeaway on Natural estrogen supplement!

Estrogen is a powerful sex hormone, dominant in females which controls their menstrual cycle along with sex drive and the ability to give birth. But, very few know that it also helps in regulating other essential health functions in women such as balancing cholesterol, strengthening bones, assuring skin health, stimulating mood, and balancing body weight. While basically, it is a super essential hormone, it also reduces as a woman age or reaches menopause. A drastic or abnormal drop in your estrogen level can cause multiple health symptoms and so it needs immediate attention.  Most experts suggest a natural estrogen supplement made with herbal ingredients as a safe remedy. However, that’s not fully effective until you adapt these simple ways or lifestyle changes alongside.

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