5 Reasons Your Authentic Weight Loss Supplement is Still Not Showing Results

Weight Loss Supplement

Are you someone trying an authentic herbal weight loss supplement to reduce your extra pounds? But, unfortunately, it is not showing any results? Well, you might be missing out on something crucial in your daily routine that is impairing the actions of the powerful supplement.

Boosting metabolism is the primary key to losing weight. So, if there is something that secretly slows your metabolism, then it is also sabotaging your weight loss goals. Here we have penned down this blog to help you guess about the key ways that can surprisingly prevent you from losing fat despite regularly having the supplement.

5 Hidden Ways You are Slowing Down Your Metabolism Rate

#1 You have completely reduced carb consumption

In the attempt to lose weight, you have completely cut down your consumption of carbohydrates. It is true that low carbs help in reducing fat in the body and hence aids in losing weight. But, abandoning it completely in the diet is not at all suggested, especially if you do physical activities or exercises.

During physical chores, the muscles require strength and they use up the glycogen stored in carbohydrates. Therefore, if you practice exercises and do not eat enough carbohydrates, you will feel tired soon since there will be no glycogen.

The tip: You need to have a little number of carbohydrates with each meal. Some good healthy sources are brown rice, oatmeal, or sweet potato.

#2 You are neglecting dairy items

Greater muscle mass is necessary for the body to keep up the speed of metabolism. People who consume 3-7 servings of milk products dairy tend to lose more fat, get slim and attain higher muscle mass.

So, if you are not clearly losing any weight after having a superior natural supplement like Tejocote root, then you might be ditching out milk products.

Tip: Include dairy products consciously in your diet such as milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, and so on.

#3 You are lacking enough sleep

Very few know about this but good quality sleep enhances your metabolism and keeps your body focused on losing weight. During sleep, the brain activates and exhibits patterns that are quite like the patterns exhibited during daytime. 

Tejecote Root Supplement

Researches also proved that sleep is necessary for metabolism. Lack of sleep reduces the breakdown of glucose and alters the hormone levels such as ghrelin (increases) and leptin (reduces) which controls the metabolism.

Tip: The obvious tip is that you need to get an adequate quantity of sleep regularly. Adults should at least get 8-9 hours of sleep.

#4 You do not eat enough water

Are you forgetting to drink enough water? Lack of water in the body is one prime cause of slower metabolism. Water helps in the burning of energy and that fuels metabolism and hence, the weight loss process in the body. If you’re not hydrating your body, then you are also left with other health issues like constipation, skin dryness, damage to kidneys, and so on.

Also, at any temperature condition, water helps your stomach to fill up and thereby, prevents you from eating often.

Tip: Sip an adequate quantity of water every day. You should be drinking 8 glasses each day.  Also, it is necessary to include foods that are dense in water such as cucumbers, oranges, grapes, and melons. Drinking fresh fruit juices and healthy beverages such as green tea and black coffee is also useful for keeping your body hydrated.

#5 You are not doing exercises in the morning

You might be skipping your morning routine exercises, the most effective ones for obese people trying to lose weight.  Daylight and workout are together essential for boosting up your metabolic ratePeople who get soaked in sunlight (i.e. vitamin D) are not only healthier but develop a lower BMI (Body Mass Index).

Researchers have observed that sunlight reaching us in the early morning helps in controlling the circadian cycle in our body. Naturally, that helps in enhancing all essential functions of the body including metabolism. It takes care of your sleep pattern, calories consumed and burnt, and all other crucial aspects that regulate the body’s metabolic rate.

Final Word

You have started consuming a natural weight loss supplement with high hopes but eventually, results are minimal or zero. Do not be surprised or think that the supplement is not effective and promises only in terms of marketing. You are probably doing something wrong.

Weight loss is a big change or phenomenon in the body and so there are multifaceted factors that control it and not just a supplement. You need to make some conscious changes in your eating patterns, do exercises regularly and at the right time, stay hydrated and sleep enough. These are pretty necessary things to ensure you lose weight with a supplement.

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