5 Alarming Skin Issues Caused by Estrogen Imbalances in Women

Estrogen levels

For women, glowing and smooth skin is a pretty much desirable health condition. Any changes or skin damages are too much alarming for them. Many notice their skin texture changing too fast, with age. But what is the reason behind that? Our body goes through multiple changes continuously and changes in hormones are one of the main reasons. Female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone levels get fluctuated and that results in various skin problems. This is happened due to estrogen imbalances.

Most of the skin problems are observed in women at the post-menopause age, as shown by numerous medical studies. Even there are signs of the onset of skin aging after the menopause period starts. There is a situation of hypoestrogenism that causes deterioration in skin cells or thinning of the skin.  Other various conditions of low-quality skin are dryness, wrinkles, or an increase in firmness.

Any changes in your skin can be highly frustrating and skin therapies or treatment is a must. Here are the following key skin problems that women can face due to unpredicted hormone changes.

5 Distressing Skin Problems Women Get Due to Estrogen Imbalances

Hormonal Acne

It is perhaps the most common skin problem observed in women! It is genuinely a mid-age crisis but many younger women can get it too. There are many forms of hormonal acne which are pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. While they are mostly seen to affect the skin on the faces, cysts can happen in other parts of the body too.  The key cause behind acne is, of course, estrogen imbalances which happen due to

  • Irregular menstruation
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Higher androgen levels
  • Menopause

Acnes are mostly caused due to excess secretion of oil from oil glands or sebaceous glands which get clogged at the skin pores and results in the formation of pimples or acne. Mostly, acne occurs at the foreheads, cheeks, and at jawline.

Estrogen Imbalances


A little dryness of the skin is quite common. On the contrary, some women can have oily skin too. However, here we are talking about excessive dryness that gives a rough and uncomfortable texture to the skin. Dry skin causes irritation and hence needs accurate treatment. It happens by a declining level of the sex hormone, estrogen which regulates the functions of oil glands. Dry skin occurs due to fluctuations in thyroid hormone which also stimulates the glands. Any estrogen imbalances in the thyroid hormones disrupt the circulation of blood to the skin which causes such extreme dryness.

Dark Circles in the Eye

Under the eye dark circles is a very common depressing issue in women with their faces looking dull. This is also a hormonal problem and many times; it happens due to adrenal fatigue. Due to either of these two causes, dark circles gradually appear in the face and no amount of physical skincare really helps then in removing those dark patches from the skin under the eyes. Once the dark circles have appeared, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. So, you should be cautious and watchful about it when you are having lack sleep due to any reason. Consistent mental stress in women can aggravate the problem. An increase in stress results in more release of cortisol or stress hormones. Having sleep deprivation regularly in the night due to stress results in the appearance of dark circles.

Paleness in Skin

Yellowish color and paleness in the skin is another symptom of estrogen fluctuation. It happens due to thyroid hormone imbalances. However, sometimes, it also happens due to diabetes. Much of the paleness occurs at the lower segment of the legs and it happens mainly because of hindrances in the circulation of blood in the blood vessels. As a result, the skin becomes yellowish and also waxy in texture.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are tiny or minute growths of the skin in sensitive areas like the neck and eyelids. As a result, they are quite distressing. This happens due to fluctuations in glucose and insulin hormones, which subsequently cause a significant drop in estrogen levels. In this case, the skin losses all its smoothness and there is a multiplication of skin layers. When these rub against each other, it causes the formation of skin tags.

Conclusion: How to Get Over These Skin Problems due to Estrogen Imbalances

Both traditional and advanced treatments are effective in overcoming these skin problems. Prescribed oral pills, anti-androgen drugs, or hormonal medications can help women to cure these serious issues. Apart from that, there are natural or completely organic estrogen balancing supplements which is a great remedy for these. Having herbal substances, the supplements are quite effective in regulating the estrogen levels in the body and prevent women from having any of these symptoms.

Taking a natural supplement along with a proper healthy diet and routine lifestyle is most beneficial for a woman’s health, especially after she hits into the menopause phase.  It will greatly help in supporting a potent female hormone level that will provide PMS relief, reduce all menopause symptoms, keep up mood and energy levels, and maintain healthier skin.

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