20 Indoor Activities For Kids

Quiet indoor activities for kids

1. Drawlego

2. Play a board game

3. Keep a nature journal

4. Play dress up

5. Play with Lego

6. Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a pile of books

7. Read aloud to each other

 kids-coloring-page-crayons8. Coloring

9. Start a reading club

10. Play puzzles

11. Play cards

12. Take a nap

13. Knit

14. Have a tea party  Little-Girls-Tea-Party

15. Press some flowers

16. Make a watercolor artwork

17. Yoga and meditation

18. Take photos

19. Family drawing time

20. Listen to music



Source -> http://whipup.net/2011/06/14/80-things-your-kids-love-to-do/

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